First Impressions (From the Feet Up)

Ima Vixen for CurveI know it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover but c’mon, you know I like my men to look just so! It’s the little things that turn me on. Let’s start from the bottom up.

You can tell everything about a man by looking at his shoes. For example, I can tell immediately if they’re going to be on my bedroom floor in the morning! I always look for supple, Italian leather (the bigger the better, right ladies?) – he’s guaranteed to be a stallion.

Next up, accessories. No man should be wearing more jewelry than I am – what a turn off! But a nice pair of sexy shades are a different story. The right pair will automatically up his cool factor. I like a cool watch here or there as well…it means he pays attention to the details!

A nice smile will get you everywhere, right? If a man has pretty, pearly whites, you know he takes care of himself (and isn’t afraid of the big, bad dentist). It just makes kissing that much better!

And remember: a good handshake goes a long way. Firm and steady, with plenty of eye contact. It’s the best way to tell what he’ll be like when the lights go out! Wink wink.



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Keep it Steamy

Has everyone had a steamy summer? I hope so! You know I love sporting my skimpy bikini as much as I can, but at times this summer, things got a little too hot, even for this hot girl. So I’ve been all about retreating and relaxing, AC-side. Here’s how to keep it hot while you’re staying cool indoors.
1. Let ‘barely there’ be your style guide. I’ve always been a less is more girl, and there’s no better way to make a hot night work in your favor, than dressing in the sheerest nothings you can find. Play it right, and you won’t be wearing them long!
2. Stay close! Alone, we’re a mere 98.6 degrees, but together we’re scorching. I love sleeping in my birthday suit (and a spritz of Curve, of course), so another body is a must for a good night’s sleep. If the AC’s blasting, don’t come a knocking!
3. Before things really heat up in bed, turn down the lights and bring out the candles. That sexy summer tan will glow so much more. Trust me when I tell you that this little tip will definitely keep his flames burning all night long.
4. What’s a candlelit room without a massage? We’ve all been hitting the gym extra hard to keep our bodies looking good for summer, and it’s only fair to help your flavor of the month relax after a steamy gym sesh. So break out the oils – a sexy massage is the best way to calm down while you’re getting worked up!
Hot enough for you yet? I hope so!

Xoxo, Ima

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Ima’s Top Five Summer Vices

Whether it’s a popsicle, a chilled drink or a plain old cube, ice is undoubtedly sexy – especially in the summertime. My go-to move in the heat is taking an ice cube to the back my neck and down my arms. Ah, simple pleasures.

Late nights are a staple of summer. The spontaneous, anything-can-happen feeling in the air makes everyone live a little more, and a little later. Some of my fondest memories took place in summer’s early morning hours. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what I was up to. Wink wink.

Who doesn’t love a skinny dip? The ocean totally relaxes me and reminds me of what really matters. That’s why I prefer to swim in the buff. Why clutter the mind and body?

Bronzed, sun-kissed or fair and freckled – skin is always in in my book. I love to exfoliate, moisturize and apply luscious scents to keep it supple and primed for short shorts and crop tops all summer long.

If I had to choose one color to wear all season, it would be white, white, white. Is anything sexier? I love a little white sundress. Snug or loose fitting (to leave a little up to his imagination), it never fails.

Hmmm. All this talk of summer pleasures has made me feel a little. . . hot. I think I’ll go home and take something off. . .

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Ima’s Weekend Getaway Rules for Summer

Can you believe it? Summer weekends are finally here, and if you’re lucky like me, you’re planning to spend as many getaways as possible with your friends. While I love getting close with my girls, it’s no secret that sharing takes a little caring. Here are my tips for keeping it fun in the sun all summer long.

1. Keep it clean. I’ll never say no to a little dirty talk, but in one area, Mom was right: When you’re living in close quarters all weekend long, it’s important to clean up after yourself – because, (thankfully) your mom doesn’t live here! Don’t forget to put the finishing touch on those fresh sheets with a spritz or two of Curve!

2. Keep it down. When the door is shut and you’ve hung the bikini on the knob, we all know what’s going on, but we don’t all want to hear it, at least not in real time (whether it’s a hotel or a summer cottage they are notorious for thin walls!) So, remember to keep your fun at whisper level. There’s always time to dish afterwards, if everyone’s into that kind of sharing.

3. Game time. When it comes to games like charades and celebrity, the more the merrier. Invite that cutie you met yesterday over for a round or two. It’s a great way for you and your besties to get to know him (and judge him). Plus, it’s way cheaper than a night on the town.

4. My closet is your closet. Offering up your killer wardrobe is a great way to break the ice with the girls’, whether they’re close friends or besties-to-be. They’ll instantly feel welcomed (and a little sexier). Plus, they’re sure to return the favor. It’s a win-win. . .as long as no one uses up all your Curve.

5. Sharing has its limits. We’re totally open to sharing most things: bikinis, sunscreen, drinks. . .but when it comes to the boys, I recommend a strict hands-off policy. Leave the hottie that your friend has been grinding with all night to her. Being able to dish about the different guys that both of you snagged is more fun than dishing about THAT one guy.

And last but not least…

6. Don’t tell your housemates you’re secretly penning a memoir about your summer experiences.

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A Spring Fling is in the Air…

The birds are chirping. The bees are buzzing. The flowers are blooming. And everyone is showing more and more skin.

There’s no better time for a fling than Spring, so follow Ima’s tips for the best ways to get frisky al fresco.

-If you don’t want to get caught, the best time to do the deed is after sunset. Plus, it makes for a happy ending to any date!

-Anyone can decide to get it on in their own backyard, but for an outdoor adventure that will really get your blood pumping, head some place more public, like a beach or a park.

– Much as you both love the heat of the moment, make sure you and your partner in passion have chosen your site well – you don’t want pesky little pebbles in the wrong places to detract from the main act!

-Do remember to dress for success. Something easy, if you know what I mean.

-In case you do get busted in the buff, have a story (and a blanket) ready for a quick cover-up.

-If you’re a city-dweller looking to REALLY enjoy the great outdoors, I always recommend a quickie on the rooftop. It’s way hotter than the Mile High Club, trust me!

Happy Spring-flinging everyone!

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Home Run

So, guys, are things going well with your new lady love? Is it getting to be time for your Big Move?? (No, I assume you’ve already made that one! I’m talking about the one you are probably dreading, if the decor of your pad is more Frat boy than Feng Shui: taking her home to your place for the first time, instead of always going to hers.)

Relax! it only takes a smidge of effort to lady-proof your pad before bringing your crush home for the first time. And believe me – first impressions count just as much with personal spaces as they do with pretty faces.  If you do just a little bit of prep, your girl’s going to be pleasantly surprised (and who knows, you might create some fond memories in interesting new places, like, the kitchen table, the shower. . .).

So…you know the first step. Tidy up! Dirty laundry out of sight (and preferably washed), clean towels in the bathroom, dishes done, and, most important, fresh sheets! But let’s go beyond the basics. There are a few little extras that can make all the difference.

The right scented candle makes a world of difference (just like the right fragrance, I might add). Lavender, citrus and woodsy scents are subtle, relaxing and mood-setting.

Stock the fridge with her snack of choice. Whether it’s a dark chocolate bar, perfectly ripe peach or carton of hard-to-find coconut water, she’ll be over the moon when you offer her a late night nibble. . .or two.

Assess your lighting situation and adjust accordingly. Bright white and pitch black should not be the only options. Pick up some lower wattage and sprinkle it throughout your pad’s hot spots. The old saying “it’s all timing and lighting” is so true, and your new motto.

Oh, and you will hide your stash of nudie mags, won’t you? Happy homemaking, boys!



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Take the Gettin’ Lucky Challenge

I’ve always had a soft spot for redheads. And an Irish accent? I’m a goner. Plus, green looks amazing on me. (But what color doesn’t?) Suffice it to say that St. Patrick’s Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine.

This year I’m challenging all of you to get lucky on the luckiest day of the year in some oh-so-spirited ways.

  • Kiss me, I’m (sorta) Irish – Get in the spirit of your Irish heritage with a few harmless make outs.
  • Talk Irish to me – Ask your lassie to go over the rainbow for your pot of gold, and make sure you return the favor. Bonus points if they can do it with an accent.
  • Do it while the sun’s up – The party goes all day and night on St. Patty’s Day, so see if you can score before the sun goes down, and then head back to the party.
  • Get it on with an Irish cutie – Everyone celebrates their Irish heritage on March 17th, but can you land the one person in the bar with an actual accent?

Get ready to Shamrock someone’s world…


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Ima’s Got Ideas for Keeping it HOT this Winter

Brrrrrr! Is it cold in here or what? Do you think they make mink-lined negligees? Satin and lace just don’t keep me warm through the winter.

But never fear my wonderful readers, Ima is full of ways to keep you warm this winter, and most of them require a partner!

  • Plan a sexy getaway. Escape the Arctic and head somewhere warm and exotic. May I suggest Ipanema or South Beach? All I ever pack is a bikini.
  • Use the buddy system. There’s no sexier way to stay warm than to stay under the covers with a scantily clad companion.
  • Light my fire. A night in front of the fire is an excellent way to keep warm, as long as you’ve got someone sexy lying next to you.
  • Play Doctor. Some games only get sexier as you grow up. Don’t worry; Dr. Vixin has the cure for your winter blues.
  • Get toasty.  As in, make your snuggling luxurious with the biggest, softest, most satiny duvet you can find, and cuddle away. Which is bound to help you. . .
  • Get frisky. Nothing gets your blood flowing like a few ecstatic hours in bed. Or in the kitchen. Or in the shower. The hot possibilities are endless!

Alright boys, turn up the heat, or I’m going to have to put my clothes back on…


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Countdown to An Unforgettable New Years Eve

Parties. Presents. Kissing under the mistletoe…  I don’t know about you, but I get busy around the holidays. So busy in fact, that sometimes, planning my New Years Eve completely slips my mind.

But never fear, your Ima has developed a foolproof 10-day countdown that will make sure you won’t start 2012 alone.

10. With 10 days to go, you need to work the phones/walls/emails/texts of the most fabulous people you know to find out the hottest shindigs in town until you’ve got all your options lined up.

9. Once you’ve picked your party, it’s time for my favorite part of the countdown: shopping! And don’t forget something sexy to go underneath… There’s nothing more disappointing than ripping off someone’s clothes and seeing a bland pair of boxers.

8. Now that you’ve got the perfect outfit, get thee to a tailor! You’re not going to land a vixen in an ill-fitting suit, trust.

7. With one week to go, it’s time to nail, I mean, nail down, the date situation. It’s late in the game but a convincing suitor can sway even sexy vixens like me.

6. Okay, I’ll cut you some slack, you can take two days to land a date.

5. It’s time to break in your dancing shoes if you’re going to be spinning me around the dance floor all night long.

4. Even if you’re headed to a fully-catered affair, if you’re going to someone’s home, be a doll and pick up some bubbly or a nice bottle of bourbon, your host will appreciate it. Just don’t bring beer, you’ll look like a frat guy.

3. Pick up your ensemble from the tailor. Why, don’t you look handsome!

2. Now’s a great time to get pampered. Get a haircut. Or try a straight shave. Or maybe even a sexy massage to loosen you up. You’ve had a long year honey, you deserve it.

1. Need some pre-party plans? Go ahead and call that don’t-even-think-about-getting-a-table-here restaurant. You might get lucky.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The day is finally here! All you need to do is show up, look good, and I promise you’ll ring in this New Year with more than a kiss!

Happy 2012 boys, better finish up my resolutions…


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Landing the Office Hottie at the Company Party

Body shots. Strip poker. Spin the bottle. I admit, my holiday parties have been known to get a little wilder than most.

But the good news is, this means I can be your guide to partying like a pro. Because between you, the open bar, the bad DJ, and the office hottie, you’ll need to tread carefully to take home the girl, and not a pink slip.

  • Dress for success, because if you look like a stud, you’ll feel like one, too.  Nothing is sexier than a man with confidence. . .and smelling fantastic doesn’t hurt either.
  • Don’t be the first to get there, or the last to leave.
  • Bring your A-game, because everyone else is going to be trying to make the sale with the company cutie, too.
  • Want to join your girl on the dance floor? Request your favorite song and show her how you move. Girls know it’s just a preview…
  • Don’t be that guy.
  • Always go to the after-party. It’s where hook-ups happen, and therefore where you want to be. Plus people will talk about it forever.

Good luck out there, boys, knock ‘em dead!


P.S. Do I need to say, keep your special parts away from the camera phone, and, the copy machine. Some things are much better viewed in person.

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